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How to enable saving on the cloud?
Idle Animals
Help Articles
How to enable saving on the cloud?
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23 November:
Hi Idle Animalers,
We've rolled out version 1.2.1 to fix the Android boot up issue.
Google store though seems to be displaying it as version 1.1.0, but if you double check by looking for 24th November update you should be on the correct version.

Once again thanks so much for your patience and support, we hope this fixes the issue for you.

Catch you soon

Team IA
23 November:
Android version not booting:
Hi Idle Animalers,

It seems our latest update on Android has caused a host of starting up issues, and basically means previous players can't boot up and new players can't even get in!

We're so sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this is causing you and we are working on it right now to resolve the issue and get a new version pushed to the Play Store.
To all those who let us know there was a problem a massive thanks, it really helps us to jump on issues.

We'll keep you posted.
Team IA
11 October:
Hanging on load bug fix...support links...Cloud sync fixes...and more:

Hi Idle Animalers,
Thanks so much for your support and patience.
We've pushed an update to the App stores that should sort the holding bug and a host of others.
You may notice a slight lag on some of the characters, but fear not...this is being fixed now too.

Keep on bleetin'

The IA team.

5 October:
Hanging on load after crash bug.

Hi Idle Animalers,

We've had a small percentage of reported cases of the game crashing out whilst waiting for, or watching an advert. Unfortunately it seems that when trying to get back in to the game after this crash it hangs on the 'FF' / All4 games screen and won't load any further.

We're investigating this issue now and are really sorry for any inconvenience it's causing. Believe us, we want it fixing just as much as you!
If you have had this issue and have any further information that may be of help then please get in touch via the contact at forwardfor email address below. You'll need to type this email address in manually as we're trying to stop SPAM! 
(Don't forget to replace the [a] with an @ after the word 'contact')

In the meantime if you've got this error and have made an In App Purchase (IAP) in Idle Animals and want to look at getting a refund, please use the relevant link below to contact the Apple or Google Apps Stores:

We'll keep you posted. Apologies and thanks in advance and arrears for your awesome support so far.

The IA team.

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